Monday, March 19, 2012

Sacramento Vintage Ford

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 029
A couple weeks ago I was in Sacramento with a little spare time and I decided to visit Sacramento Vintage Ford. This place is like a giant candy store to car guys (& gals). They have a few cars on display and a few full scale dioramas including this garage scene.

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 030
This was one of the best displays of this kind that I have seen in my travels.

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 031

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 032
There's even a complete diner to satisfy your cravings while trying to take in all the visual delights surrounding you!

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 056

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 063

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 066
Should you find yourself in the Sacramento area come check this place out, you'll be glad you did!

030612 Sacramento Vintage Ford 088
To see all the pics click here or to see a slide show click here.

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Erwin Calverley said...

That display is excellent! At first, you'd think it's an actual garage... the car seems authentic enough. It's a pretty great look, with its own charm that's different from slick-looking restored cars.

Maria Wegner said...

Vintage cars combined with good food are the perfect destination for car lovers! This is like an adult play ground for car enthusiasts. Moreover, it is always interesting to expose yourself to unique looking cars that you would not see on streets every day. More than just mere vehicles, they are also pieces of technological art!