Saturday, March 17, 2012

Central Texas Museum of Automotive History

I was fortunate to visit the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History last fall.
The museum which was mostly comprised of  Dick Burdick's collection of cars and various other automobilia was auctioned off two weeks ago. This museum was located in Rosanky, TX way off the beaten path. Not something the casual tourist would easily discover, unlike Dick's Classic Garage, his other museum in San Marcos, TX. I happened to visit that one first and after a lengthy conversation with the curator decided to visit this one.

The results of the Dan Cruse Classics auction are available here and the complete Auction Catalog is here.

A nice red '32 Ford Model B Pickup

There were cases filled with unique Automaker Badges & Emblems.

Automobilia was displayed everywhere one looked.

To see all the pics click here or to see a slide show click on the pic below, when it opens enlarge it to full screen and enjoy!

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