Friday, August 21, 2015

OC Cars & Coffee


OC Cars & Coffee The Next Generation starts tomorrow at the OC Fair & Event Center - this had been rumored for a few weeks and they finally got their site online this week, well mostly.

A lot of people were looking forward to this but then they published their entry rules, read them and see what you think...

OC Cars & Coffee Rules_Page_1

OC Cars & Coffee Rules_Page_2

...most car guys I know don't like rules and these seem a little heavy handed, they're also available here as a pdf file, or click on the pics to see them larger. I'm sure a lot of people will be pissed when they're turned away at the gate because their car isn't good enough. Let's hear what you think!

For now most of us will continue to attend the Aliso Viejo Cars & Coffee which maintains the casual car guy character of the original.

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Unknown said...

That 1975-up rules are pure BS. I drive a trashed 4 owner Lamborghini Gallardo every day...I'm in. I have a 1977 Trans Am "Bandit" car that people might actually want to see? No dice.

I was excited about the idea of the OC Fairgrounds giving new life to C& I will ABSOLUTELY not go. Cater to the wanna-be rich idiots who are (once again) taking out loans on their houses to get a used SVT Mustang nobody wants to see.

Whoever came up with this is clearly not a friend to the car hobby.

Unknown said...

The 1975+ rules part is so idiotic that it hurts. So, I buy a used "found behind every gas station" SVT Mustang from 1995 and I'm in...but if I show up in a "never see driving around" 1977 Pontiac Trans Am that people might actually want to see, I'm out. AND the door guy from Studio 54 is apparently going to be there to enforce these grand rules...

I was initially excited about this, now I how C&C fails mightily and I won't have to be tortured to think there's any hope of it ever coming back. You might as well have just said "If you have a tired 10 year old Lamborghini come on in and enjoy the company of all the other poseurs like you who make people mock car guys"

Forget you, Cars and Coffee. (mike drop)

Fireball Tim! said...

Thanks guys! Great update. There should be no limit on the kind of car. It's for those that love them, period.

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