Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'71 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Estate/Shooting Brake/Station Wagon

Two weeks ago I was in Burlington Washington shopping in the Pendleton Outlet store when one of the clerks says look at that, is that a Rolls Royce? Overhearing that I'm half expecting to see a new one, but when I looked out to see what she was talking about I first saw the front and thought just an older Rolls. I then walked to the front where I could see the whole car and realized this was no ordinary old Rolls but a Coachbuilt Station Wagon. I hadn't seen one of these in the flesh before so I went out and took a few pics with my phone and went back inside to continue shopping.

A few minutes later an older couple walked in and I asked if it was theirs, yes they said and proceeded to answer my questions. I handed them my card and we continued the discussion on the Rolls and old cars, I learned they we're bringing another of their collection to the Desert Concours, which took place this past weekend in Rancho Mirage.

I wasn't at that show so I didn't see what they brought but it was fun to see this wagon. Kind of amusing really because every time I have been up here I have run into something unusual from the Automotive world!

See the rest of the pics here.

This is the London dealer who commissioned this car.

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