Saturday, November 12, 2011

Matt's Hot Rods - Matt Tachdjian's Garage

On January 1st this year Matt Tachdjian opened his shop to a group of fellow rodders. Matt had amassed an eclectic collection of tasteful rides and was generous enough to share the fruits of his good fortune with us that beautiful New Year's Day. Unfortunately Matt passed on September 12th but I thought you might enjoy these pics of that New Year's Day. One of my best memories of Matt was last year riding as a passenger with Matt and Cole to visit Jay Leno's Garage - You are truly missed Matt!

Here's an Excerpt from his obituary that will give you an idea of what a great guy Matt was...

TACHDJIAN, MATTHEW S. age 63, passed away in Orange, CA on Monday, September 12, 2011, the morning after a beautiful night of family and friends. He was the loving husband of Linda Tachdjian, father to three children, Cole, Todd, and Amber, and grandfather to Nathaniel and Samantha. He was born in Pasadena, CA December 3, 1947. At a young age, Matthew began working in his father’s junkyard where he developed a deep passion for all things automotive. From junkyard car stereo puller, to gas station owner his love for helping people and for cars led him to be one of the most magnificent and well-respected Car Dealers in all of California. His kindness and generosity knew no limits. Simply knowing him made you want to be a better person. A true man of his word who will forever be in our hearts.

Click on the pic below for the slideshow (for best viewing click on the full screen icon on the bottom right when it opens) or click here for the individual pics.


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