Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This picture came to me this morning along with the following e-mail and it's too cool not to share, so with my buddy John L's permission...

This is something you certainly won't see everyday.  At the joint Chrysler 300 Clubs meet held in Carmel, California in June of 2011 vintage Letter Cars and one Imperial were allowed on the track for a couple of Parade Laps at Laguna Seca Race Course.

This is our '53 Imperial Newport which I think I can state is probably the only such car to have ever been and most likely will ever be allowed on this renowned track.  We had six people on board in the photo, but the old girl that has now been affectionately named "Gracie" made it with little effort.  Note the other Letter Cars in the background also on the track.

This was certainly a memorable day for Christie and myself and somehow I feel Gracie enjoyed it as well.  The photo you are viewing was presented to us at the Banquet.  I've stated before that this was a car I've wanted since six years old and now to have the car and this photo is priceless to me.


As we were corresponding about this the following pics arrived from his friend in this email...

Hi John,  I took these shots out the back window as I was riding in the back seat of Jim and Ester Wildharber's white 300D.

Thought you might appreciate having them.  Enjoy.

 Keith Boonstra

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