Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hot Rod's Feb 2010 Cover Car: Packard Straight 8 Rat Rod

The latest issue of Hot Rod features this supercharged Packard flathead straight 8 Rat Rod on the cover.

I first saw this car in the parking lot of a Salt Lake car show back in May 2008. I always wander the parking lot before leaving a show just to see what might be there. This one obviously caught my eye! Here's what I shot that day and a few You Tube videos I found on it, enjoy...

Now that you know what this Packard powered Hot Rod built by Brian Thomas looks like, lets hear it run and take a ride...

...a little more

Check out 48packards8's Channel on You Tube for more video and pick up the Feb. 2010 issue of Hot Rod to read more about this one.

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Anonymous said...

I have not been excited about a car project since I sold my '71 Monte Carlo. Straight 8s ROCK! Now I want to build a "rod" like Brian's ...maybe a bit more modern...2 Acura 4s bolted together in the right phase with a blower (of course). The sound is AWESOME. Thanks Brian!