Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hi there, Dave Lindsay from here, I’ll be blogging to bring you the latest SoCal Car Culture news. I’ll let you know about upcoming shows, the hottest cruise nights, some of the latest trends and what’s under construction in some of the shops. You’ll also be able to visit my photo albums and experience the local Car Culture vicariously as I shoot as many shows as I can get to.

Live out of town and planning to visit LA? The Events and Cruise Nights sections of will help you find something automotive related to make your visit to LA memorable.

I’m just a gear head at heart having grown up knowing car names practically before I could speak, or so it seems. Everything in the automotive world has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, this fascination spans the various cultures of the hobby/sport and I truly enjoy everything on wheels from Hot Rods & Customs to Street Machines, Musclecars to Exotics, Lowriders to Off-Road, Drifting to Drag Racing and anything in between.

One of the greatest rewards of any hobby is the people involved and the local Car Culture is no different, I make new friends at every show I attend and am constantly reminded of how many great pioneers of this hobby/sport are right here in our backyard.

Be sure to check here frequently for updates and look at to find an event to attend or just to see what’s been happening in the local Car Culture.

See you at the Shows!


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